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SAMonitor is a SA-MP and server monitor.


SAMonitor is a spiritual successor to SACNR Monitor. It is free and open source. All code and documentation is in GitHub.

SAMonitor's mission:

  • Monitor every SA-MP and server.
  • Maintain a free and open web interface (you are here) for people to access the data.
  • Maintain a free and open API for developers to use the data.
  • Offer the highest quality listings: Don't have repeated servers, don't fill the masterlist with trash.
  • Blacklist illegitimate servers, be them stolen scripts, malicious or faking data.


I am deeply fond of the San Andreas Multiplayer community and all it's provided (and allowed me to provide back) during my formative years.

As such, after the official masterlist ceased operation, I found it under my best interest (and quite likely, that of the community) that the server list of the future must be:

  • High quality: I don't want the server list to be full of repeated servers, or servers with false statistics.
  • Fair: A server list should not be a moneycow. SAMonitor is free, forever, and does not take payments for "advantages".
  • Unbiased: A server list should be focused on San Andreas Multiplayer itself, not taking firm sides on either being official (sa-mp) or alternative (
  • Transparent: The code for SAMonitor is entirely free and open source. If I ever turn corrupt, you can take the code and build it for yourself.


SAMonitor's listings only include servers which are online.

A server is considered offline if they replied to queries in the last 6 hours, and if they're not password protected. Servers who don't meet this are not listed, but continue to be tracked, and become listed when they do.

Every server is queried every 20 minutes (3 times per hour). Each query updates its information and saves the player counts for posterity.

SAMonitor keeps track of a bunch of statistics. Check them out in the metrics page.


Discord: (yes, that's a username)
Telegram: @Markski

Third party attributions

HTMX by Carson Gross is used for the website's presentation.

SAMPQuery by JustMavi is used for querying on the API.

Chart.Js, by multiple people, is used for drawing the website's graphs.